2,000,000.00 Euro5 Match + 1 PB
100,000.00 Euro5 Match
1,000.00 Euro4 Match + 1 PB
500.00 Euro4 Match
50.00 Euro3 Match + 1 PB
20.00 Euro3 Match
10.00 Euro2 Match + 1 PB
5.00 Euro2 Match
2.20 Euro1 PB
2.20 Euro1 Match + 1 PB

The France Lotto, also known as "Loto Français," is one of the premier lottery games in France and has a rich history that dates back to its inception in 1976. Operated by La Française des Jeux, the lottery giant in the country, the France Lotto offers players the chance to win substantial prizes by choosing five numbers from a set of 49 and an additional 'Chance' number from a pool of 10. The format of the game has captivated the hearts of many, leading to its widespread popularity among both locals and international enthusiasts. The draws for this lottery take place three times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays – ensuring that participants have multiple opportunities to test their luck and walk away with life-changing amounts.

  • Ticket Price : 4 Euro
  • Ticket Draw Numbers :5 Number
  • Bonus Draw Numbers :1 Number


3 Million Euro