13,000,000.00 ZAR5 Match + 1 PB
340,000.00 ZAR5 Match
11,300.00 ZAR4 Match + 1 PB
1,000.00 ZAR4 Match
490.00 ZAR3 Match + 1 PB
20.00 ZAR2 Match + 1 PB
20.00 ZAR3 Match
15.00 ZAR1 Match + 1 PB
10.00 ZAR1 PB

South Africa PowerBall
The South Africa PowerBall lottery, established in 2009, has become one of the most popular lottery games in the country, drawing participants from all walks of life. Operated by Ithuba, the official National Lottery operator, this game was inspired by the American Powerball, bringing an exciting twist to traditional lottery formats in South Africa. Players choose five numbers from a possible 50, as well as an additional PowerBall number from a selection of 1 to 20. The combination of these numbers determines the winner of the grand jackpot, which can grow to enormous sums due to rollovers. The PowerBall draws take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, giving participants multiple chances to try their luck and potentially change their lives forever.

  • Ticket Price : 16 ZAR
  • Ticket Draw Numbers :5 Number
  • Bonus Draw Numbers :1 Number


13 Million ZAR