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South Africa Daily Lotto
South Africa Daily Lotto is a popular lottery game offered in South Africa, providing players with daily opportunities to test their luck. The game was introduced as an addition to the South African National Lottery's diverse roster of games, aiming to provide more consistent chances for players to win. Participants in the Daily Lotto select five numbers from a pool of 36, and the game boasts a "play it again" feature, which allows players to use the same numbers in subsequent draws. The appeal of the Daily Lotto is its daily draws, which take place seven days a week, ensuring that lottery enthusiasts have a daily shot at winning. Over the years, this lottery game has become a favorite amongst many, offering a simpler, more frequent alternative to the larger weekly lotteries in the country.

  • Ticket Price : 8.5 ZAR
  • Ticket Draw Numbers :5 Number


300 Thousand ZAR