38,000,000.00 Euro5 Match + 2 PB
208,309.00 Euro5 Match + 1 PB
36,900.00 Euro5 Match
3,095.00 Euro4 Match + 2 PB
126.00 Euro4 Match + 1 PB
102.00 Euro3 Match + 2 PB
45.00 Euro4 Match
21.00 Euro2 Match + 2 PB
13.00 Euro3 Match + 1 PB
11.00 Euro1 Match + 2 PB
10.00 Euro3 Match
8.00 Euro2 Match + 1 PB
4.00 Euro2 Match

Austria EuroMillions
Austria is one of the nine participating countries in the EuroMillions, a transnational lottery that was first launched in February 2004. Originally, only the UK, France, and Spain participated, but Austria, along with Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland, joined in October of the same year, expanding the reach and appeal of the game. Players participating in the Austria EuroMillions choose five main numbers from a range of 1-50 and two “Lucky Star” numbers from a pool of 1-12. To secure the jackpot, a player must correctly match all seven numbers. The EuroMillions draws take place twice a week, specifically on Tuesday and Friday evenings. These draws offer some of Europe’s largest lottery jackpots, and the transnational nature of the game means that the prize funds can grow to substantial amounts when not won.

  • Ticket Price : 3.5 Euro
  • Ticket Draw Numbers :5 Number
  • Bonus Draw Numbers :2 Number


53 Million Euro