600,000,000.00 ¥7 Match
4,121,000.00 ¥6 Match + 1 PB
592,000.00 ¥6 Match
8,200.00 ¥5 Match
1,300.00 ¥4 Match
900.00 ¥3 Match + 1 PB
900.00 ¥3 Match + 2 PB

Japan Loto 7
Japan Lotto 7 is one of the prominent lottery games in Japan, operated and overseen by the country's official lottery organization. Introduced to give Japanese citizens a chance to win substantial prizes, the game has become increasingly popular over the years. Participants choose seven numbers from a range of 1 to 37, and if they match all seven numbers drawn, they hit the jackpot. One of the unique features of the Japan Lotto 7 is the additional two bonus numbers that are drawn alongside the primary numbers. These bonus numbers give players additional chances to win secondary prizes. The draws for Japan Lotto 7 typically take place on Fridays, making it a much-anticipated event at the end of the week for many hopeful participants. The history of the lottery in Japan is extensive, with various games being offered over the years, but Lotto 7 has carved out a significant niche for itself with its impressive jackpots and straightforward playing format.

  • Ticket Price : 750 ¥
  • Ticket Draw Numbers :7 Number


600 Million ¥